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Free to Read, Free to Publish Your Articles.
Created by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg

Interviews with Known & Unknown

Publis Your Article for Free

Interviews with Martial Artists.
People who invest all their free
time in training and as instructors.
Heros, according to us.

About Health & Muscle Development

Tips and Advice on Personal Training Outside the Dojo - Injuries & Rehab.

Hundreds of Years of
Collective Experience
from Martial Art Friends
Around the World

About Styles & Titles

Facts about Styles - Ranks & Titles

There are tons of question marks
about styles, titles, different
awards and belt colors.
Here we put what we find
on this big subject.

Legends in Memory

Get to know your Martial Art Heritage

Consciously or not,
we are Many who have a few,
to thank for today's Martial Art,
even if it develops over generations.
In Memory and Honour.

Present Legends in Respect

Who is your Favorite Martial Artists

Read about your Favorite Instructor,
maybe your Role Model,
We collect them here.

Premiere 2024 -03 - 15

Welcome to Ronin Magazine – your ultimate digital home for the world of martial arts. Dive deep into the rich history of martial arts, explore various styles, and gain exclusive insights into the lives of prominent martial artists. With our engaging and diverse content, we aim to be your primary source for everything related to martial arts.
Let Ronin Magazine be your guide into a world of strength, discipline, and indomitable spirit.

We offer diversity in language and perspective. Explore our content in English as a begining. Swedish, German, and Turkish will follow later on, for a richer reading experience.
We strive to create a dynamic and inclusive platform where different martial arts cultures and languages converge, with a promise to expand languages over time.
Ronin Magazine's motto:
• New Day - New Opportunities -

Publish your own Articles withus!

Welcome to Ronin Magazine – your platform to share your expertise in martial arts with the world! We offer a unique opportunity for martial artists and writers to publish their articles for free and reach an engaged audience of like-minded individuals.

Here at Ronin Magazine, we strive to create a community that fosters knowledge exchange and a shared passion for martial arts. By contributing your expert perspective, you not only enhance your visibility as an author but also share your insights with a growing readership.

Benefits of publishing on Ronin Magazine:

• Exposure: Reach a wide audience of martial arts enthusiasts and practitioners worldwide.

• Professionalism: Strengthen your professional profile by contributing to an established platform in the martial arts community.

• Backlinks: Gain the opportunity to link to your own website or social media for increased visibility.

Submit your contribution today and become part of Ronin Magazine's expanding community,
maybe your article even enters the premiere number.
Together, we shape the future of martial arts literature online.
To apply for publication, visit our website or contact us directly for more information.

Help with Translation?

Welcome to Ronin Magazine's language service for martial artists and writers interested in martial arts! We offer professional translation services to and from Swedish, English, German, and Turkish, specifically tailored for those operating in the martial arts world.
Benefits of our language services:
• Specialized Expertise: Our translators are experienced experts in both martial arts and language, ensuring that every nuance and technical term is accurately reflected.
• Efficiency: We understand the importance of swift deliveries. Our team works efficiently to ensure a rapid turnaround for your content to be published promptly.
• Cost-effectiveness: We provide competitive rates and customized packages to suit your needs and budget.
Whether you need to translate articles, training programs, or marketing materials, you can rely on us for accurate and professional results.
Contact us here today for a tailored quote and take your martial arts projects to a global audience!

Our Translators

Fatma Gökçen Avşar
Fatma Gökçen AvşarTtranslator & Martial Artist
From Turkish to English and vice versa
Umut Gökçedağ
Umut GökçedağTranslatator & Martial Artist
From German to English and Turkish and vice versa
 Jörgen Lindberg
Jörgen LindbergTranslator & Martial Artist
From Swedish to English and vice versa

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Become a Sponsor of the Magazine

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What Can We Do For You
Ronin Magazin is humbly available for everyone to read without any cost. We finance our operations partly through voluntary donations from those who appreciate and support our work. Thanks to these voluntary contributions, we can continue to offer quality content to a wide audience.
We deeply appreciate individuals who choose to support us by contributing financially. These donations help us cover operating expenses, invest in high-quality content, and pursue our mission to create a rewarding reading experience for all.
Our humility towards each contribution forms the foundation of our relationship with our community. It is through the shared commitment and support of our readers that Ronin Magazin can remain a platform for sharing and community building. Thank you for being part of our journey and enabling us to keep growing and evolving. 

Our Amazing Team

Nihal Lindberg
Nihal LindbergProf. Educational Psychology & Martial Artist
Viktor Lindberg
Viktor LindbergMuscles & Health & Martial Artist
 Jörgen Lindberg
Jörgen LindbergEditor & Martial Artist
Fatma Gökçen Avşar
Fatma Gökçen AvşarTranslator & Martial Artist
Umut Gökçedağ
Umut GökçedağTranslator & Martial Artist
Dr. Yiğitcan Karanfil
Dr. Yiğitcan KaranfilSpecialist Sports Medicine & Martial Artist
Psych. Berk Karadeniz
Psych. Berk KaradenizMindset Consulting & Martial Artist


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