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About Ronin Magazine

Welcome to Ronin Magazine, where we're as free as a bird and as stubborn as a mule when it comes to following our own ethical and moral compasses.
We're more independent than a cat ignoring its litter box and prouder than a peacock on the catwalk.

As the Ronin in our name suggests, we're an independent media outlet that marches to the beat of our own drum, with an almost unapologetically
high interest in what we do. We don't take ourselves too seriously either; after all, it's all about the match itself.

Here at Ronin Magazine, we're not just fighters in the Martial Art world; we're also warriors for truth and lovers of all things epic and exciting.
We don't just fight with our fists, but also with our words, mindset, and our unique, versatile, and objective perspective on the martial arts world.

So, if you're looking for something as fresh, sharp, and independent as a freshly sharpened Katana, then Ronin Magazine is your best friend.
We promise to entertain, inform, and maybe even make you laugh occasionally. We find joy in sharing what we uncover from our ninja stealth research,
and we offer it to you at a price that's almost shameful: free. And yes, our editorial team nearly jumps for joy in their Hakama when we get to
publish your articles or your video clips – it's a burden we'll gladly bear.

So, sit back, stretch out on the tatami, grab a cup of green tea, and let us take you on a journey filled with adventure, inspiration, and maybe even a
few unexpected matches against the world's prejudices about us practitioners.

Welcome to Ronin Magazine, where our Kumite is to fight for an enlightened and entertaining martial arts world, and in that regard, we never "Tap Out."

Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg 

Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg
Hanshi Jörgen LindbergCreative Director - Editor
My Vision

I have always wished that you could break down the walls and the prestige between the different styles, and thus learn from each other to develop as a martial artist. Ronin Magazine will hopefully be one of many possible tools to achieve such a goal.

Ronin Magazine and I will not put any effort into comparing styles, which one is the best or most dangerous. In the end, it is always the individual practitioner who, by his "mindset" and his training, decides that question.

I also hope to expand Ronin Magazine with a POD of my own in the near future.


Ronin Magazine Online is a NGO, non political, non religious, non profit free publication. It is run as a hobby by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg, who is a Swedish citizen living in Turkiye.

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