Popular vs Respected as an Instructor

Popular vs Respected as an Instructor

Popular vs Respected as an Instructor

Being popular as a PE instructor usually means that you are well liked and perhaps well known among the practitioners and perhaps even among the general public. It could be your personality, the way you teach, or other factors that make you a favorite.

On the other hand, being respected as a PE instructor is more about having recognition and authority in your field. This means that the practitioners and colleagues look up to you for your knowledge, professionalism and ability to lead and develop the athletes effectively.


Basically, popularity is more connected to emotional aspects while respect is more connected to professional appreciation and recognition of competence.

Ideally, one should strive for a balance between popularity and respect as a sports instructor. Being popular can create a positive and engaging atmosphere, but it is important that this does not compromise respect for your professionalism and competence.

Being respected as an instructor is critical to building long-term relationships with practitioners and colleagues. A strong foundation of respect will facilitate effective teaching and training.

At the same time, it is not wrong to be liked and popular, as it can increase motivation and create a positive community within the group. The important thing is that popularity must not replace respect for your competence and responsibility as a sports instructor. There are, of course, certain risks in striving to become popular as a sports instructor. Focusing too much on popularity can sometimes lead to prioritizing being liked over being respected for your competence and professionalism. It may mean agreeing to do things that only satisfy the short-term desires of practitioners, rather than offering long-term and sustainable training methods.

Balancing popularity with respect is important to avoid sacrificing quality and professionalism in teaching. Striving to be a respected and competent instructor often comes naturally with a degree of popularity, but it is important to have clear boundaries and prioritize what promotes sustainable development and progress for practitioners.


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