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Sensei Viktor Lindberg
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Ronin Magazine warmly embraces the assistance of our personal trainer,

Sensei Viktor Lindberg,

who not only knows the ins and outs but also explains, with a touch of humour, how, when, and why various basic exercises are crucial for muscle building, stretching, and rehabilitation for martial artists. Tips and advice from Viktor are gradually sprinkled into this section, like tasty toppings on an already delightful training buffet. With Viktor's guidance, even the most reluctant fitness enthusiast can find joy in kneading, stretching, and strengthening their way to new heights.

In this section of Ronin Magazine, Sensei Viktor Lindberg demonstrates a series of simple and classic exercises that can easily be done at home with minimal equipment. These exercises are suitable for both beginners and elite athletes alike.

Furthermore, some of the exercises, particularly those utilizing resistance bands, work excellently for rehabilitation following common shoulder and back injuries. Being able to train and recover at home instils a sense of empowerment, enabling individuals to take control of their health and well-being in a positive manner.

According to Sensei Viktor Lindberg, regardless of why you are training,
it is always better to do 
5 repetitions correctly, than 10 poorly performed.
Which he always reminds the rest of us of, with a twinkle in his eye, of course.

For Beginers aswell as for Oldies in the game

Training Outside the Dojo & Home Training

Classic Push-ups - How and Why

Classic Push-Ups: A Secret for Strength and Health.
by Viktor Lindberg

Classic Push-ups are a simple yet powerful exercise that not only strengthens your body but also provides a range of health benefits. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, incorporating push-ups into your training can revolutionize your fitness routine and improve your overall health.
• Starting Position: Begin in a plank position with hands placed on the ground under the shoulders and body straight from head to heel.
classicpushup Bild1
• Lowering Phase: Lower the body towards the ground by bending the elbows while keeping the body straight and the core engaged.
classicpushup Bild4
• Lifting Phase: Press upwards through the arms to return to the starting position without locking the elbows completely.
classicpushup Bild2
• Repetitions: Repeat the movement at a controlled pace, focusing on engaging the chest, shoulders, and arm muscles.

1. Hands are shoulders width.
2. 45-degree elbows.
3. Move set: breath IN the floor/blow the floor AWAY.

Muscles Targeted:
• Chest Muscles (Pectoralis Major): Push-ups are an excellent exercise for building and shaping the chest muscles.
• Shoulder Muscles (Deltoids): The deltoid muscles are activated to stabilize the shoulder joint during the push-up movement.
• Triceps: The triceps work to extend the arms during the lifting phase of the push-up.
• Core Muscles: To maintain the body in a straight-line during push-ups, the core muscles must be engaged for stabilization.

General Health Benefits:
• Strength and Muscle Growth: By engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, push-ups help increase strength and promote muscle growth.
• Endurance: Push-ups can be performed in intervals to improve endurance and increase stamina.
• Flexibility: As push-ups require a certain degree of mobility in the shoulders and chest, they can contribute to improving flexibility over time.
• Improved Posture: By strengthening the core and upper body, push-ups can help correct poor posture.

Benefits for Martial Artists:
• Functional Strength: Push-ups mimic many of the movements required in martial arts, making them an excellent exercise for building functional strength.
• Core Stability: A strong core is crucial for generating power in martial arts. Push-ups activate and strengthen the core muscles for increased stability.
• Injury Prevention: By strengthening the muscles around the shoulders and wrists, push-ups can help prevent common injuries in martial arts.

Closing Thoughts:
Push-ups are a versatile exercise that can be adapted to different fitness levels and goals. Whether you want to increase your strength, improve your overall health, or prepare for martial arts, pushups are a simple yet powerful exercise that offers a range of benefits for the body and mind. So next time you work out, be sure to include push-ups in your routine to achieve maximum results and enjoy a stronger, healthier body.

It is better to do 5 repetitions correctly, than 10 poorly performed.

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Success through Self-awareness

Success through Self-awareness.
"Focusing on Your Own Fitness Journey"
by Viktor Lindberg

When it comes to an individual's own physical training, it is crucial to have the right mindset, but it is also essential to realize that the only person one should compare their progress with is oneself and no one else.

Everyone has different circumstances for physical and mental development, which means one must start from their current situation and their own circumstances.

Understanding that each person's journey is unique and that comparisons with others can be misleading or demotivating is an important part of maintaining a constructive approach to training. By focusing on one's own progress and goals, one can create a more sustainable and rewarding training routine tailored to their own needs and potential.

Reaching the insight that comparing oneself only with oneself can be a process that requires self-reflection and awareness. Here are some steps that can help reach that insight:

• Reflect on your own goals and motivations: Consider why you train and what you want to achieve with your training. By clearly defining your own goals and motivations, it becomes easier to understand why you don't need to compare yourself with others.

• Accept your own starting point: Understand that everyone starts at different levels and has different circumstances. Accept your current situation and focus on making progress from there instead of comparing yourself with others.

• Focus on your own development: Instead of comparing yourself with others, focus on your own development and progress. Keep track of your own achievements and see how far you have come from where you started.

• Challenge your own limits: Instead of comparing yourself with others, challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Set realistic but challenging goals that you strive to achieve.

• Practice mindful presence: Be aware of your thoughts and feelings when you train. Try to let go of the idea of comparing yourself with others and instead focus on your own experience of training.

By actively working on these steps and practicing a mindset of self-acceptance and inner focus, you can gradually reach the insight that your only comparison point should be yourself.

Good luck with your training.  
It is better to do 5 repetitions correctly, than 10 poorly performed.

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