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Our Philosophy and Commitment:
We at Ronin Magazine are proud to offer our readers completely free access to all our published articles, the ability to publish their own articles, their own club, organization links, and event posters with links. It is our belief that knowledge and information should be accessible to all without barriers.

Your Support Means Everything:
While we strive to keep our operations free of charge, we are aware that there are expenses that need to be covered. Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg, our founder and driving force, personally bears the financial responsibility for Ronin Magazine. Your contribution, regardless of size, makes a significant difference and helps us continue our operations.

How You Can Donate:
We welcome donations from anyone who appreciates our work and wants to support our continued growth and development. To donate, please follow the options listed below that suit you. We of course publish our benefactors on our page under the heading "Suporters". You can of course also choose to be anonymous.

We thank you for your interest and for your support of Ronin Magazine.
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Can companies advertise products on Ronin Magazine?

Of course, you can advertise for a small fee and under certain conditions.

  • You may only advertise products or services related to martial arts and fitness.
  • The editors first check whether the ad and the product do not conflict with the magazine's ethical template regarding, for example, child labour, drugs and prohibited substances.
  • You understand and accept that Ronin Magazine is not a company, but a private hobby business run by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg.


Ronin Magazine Online is a NGO, non political, non religious, non profit free publication. It is run as a hobby by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg, who is a Swedish citizen living in Turkiye.

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